Tribute To 40 Years Of Reform. Luyuan Was Appraised as Promote China's Marketing Process Value Enterprises!
Dec 18, 2018

December 8 th China marketing grand ceremony and China Enterprise Marketing Innovation Award ceremony held in Zhengzhou. The industry's top expert, gathered with the corporate elite to discuss the theme "Great change: new conflicts, new needs, new opportunities-how to win the future in uncertainty". On the occasion, Luyuan won the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up special award, was named "40 years of homage!" Promote China's marketing process value enterprises.


At the same time,Luyuan launched a system upgrade in service innovation, brand innovation and other aspects , forming a strong product and service. Luyuan first put forward the concept of 4cs service in the industry, which covers the core issues in after-sales service, and has been widely loved and appreciated by users.In April 2016, Luyuan, relying on service concept and years of service practice, passed the "five-star service" certification, becoming the first "double five-star" brand in the electric vehicle industry.


Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the electric vehicle industry in China will usher in a new stage of development. In the new era, there are new conflicts, new demands and new opportunities. From 1997 to 2018, Luyuan led the progress of electric vehicle industry and became a value enterprise to promote China's marketing process. The following new era, Luyuan will continue to lead the development of the core technology of electric two-wheeled vehicle, to create safe, reliable and less trouble products, win in the new era!

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