Technical Development Of Electric Bicycles
Oct 17, 2018

1. China electric Bicycle in the torque sensor technology and integrated circuit controller technology has been in the world's leading position, has the strength of the enterprise already in the integration of electronic and digital technology in the controller, motor valve control, charging control components, intelligent electric bicycles will be the commanding heights of the future development.

2. Traditional lead-acid batteries have become a fatal weakness of electric bicycles due to their potential to cause two pollution, high weight, slow charging speed and short service life. China Ni-MH battery technology has been gradually mature, the safety of lithium batteries once resolved, can also be popularized. The technology leading electric bicycle production enterprises should increase the research on new energy, reduce the cost of new type of battery, and give the electric bicycle a stronger "life source".

3. Strengthen the research on charging technology, greatly improve the charging efficiency and prolong the battery life. According to the experts, 80% of the damaged batteries in the market are badly charged by the inferior charger.

China has a high-tech companies to start this research, the conventional charge to variable amplitude pulse and digital control technology, effectively control the battery in the process of charging the loss of water, to ensure the balance of the charge, improve the battery's service life.

4. High-tech composites and high-strength light alloy materials will be used more in the manufacture of electric bicycles. In the successful application of aluminum alloy materials, the use of titanium alloy, chromium molybdenum steel, such as light, high strength materials and carbon fiber and other polymer composites. Increase the strength of electric bicycles, reduce the weight of electric bicycles. Revolutionary changes in the performance and manufacturing processes of bicycles.

5. Strengthen the research of electric bicycle motor, develop the energy-efficient motor with new energy, compensate the motor effectively, and further improve the energy use efficiency of electric bicycle.

6. Accelerate the application of international new technology, new materials, the use of nano-materials in the production of tires, batteries and accessories, making electric bicycles lighter, faster and farther.

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