Maintenance Technology Of Electric Bicycle
Oct 17, 2018

(a) The electric car has no electricity.

How to deal with

(1) Check whether the battery has output thread is open welding

(2) Check the fuse holder good or bad

(3) Check whether the power lock is good or bad (ii) The car has electricity not to go.

How to deal with

(1) Check the electric vehicle battery output is normal. If the output is too bottom to prove the battery bad. Urgent need for battery replacement

(2) pull the brake cord out of the section.

If the car turns out that the kill is broken, you need to replace the kill or repair with the table two and the tube amount of the kill is through the "ordinary long closed kill"

(3) Check the wire short-turn to the positive and the signal line such as the car turn proof turn bad urgent need to replace or repair.

Turn on the power to twist the turn to use the universal meter and the line and signal line have positive 5v〈1-4〉 turn

(4) Whether the controller is good or bad can be used to turn the line of the positive 5V short connection, such as turning the rotation of the controller is not a problem the simplest way to smell the controller there is no burning smell have to prove controller bad

(5) Check the motor is good or bad motor carbon brush contact is not real also back to cause a bit not to go

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