A Note On The Development Of Electric Bicycles
Oct 17, 2018

1983 Shanghai Bicycle Two factory trial-production of the successful permanent brand DX-130 electric bicycle, which is recorded in China and the formation of industrialization of the first electric bicycle. It uses 150W cylindrical motor, 24V car with ordinary lead-acid batteries, the car 84 into production, to 91 a total of 45,000 units, of which 805 units exported.

1995 Tsinghua University developed an electric bicycle using a wheel motor. In the 1999, Shanghai's thousand cranes, the small antelope in Suzhou, and the mainland pigeons in Nanjing have been breakthrough in the development of electric bicycles. They produced electric bicycles are using 36v/10ah maintenance-free lead-acid batteries and rear-wheel-drive hub motor, in various performance indicators to end the years of wandering situation, the first time to obtain the market recognition.

Since then, electric bicycles have entered the rapid development of the road. May 28, 1999 National Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau issued gb17761-1999 "electric bicycle general technical conditions" national standard, the same year October 1 implementation.

This standard is in the original light industry standard QB "electric bicycle safety general technical conditions" based on the modification. In 2001, the National Bicycle Information Center held the e-bike Info Exchange and held the electric bicycle zippered (mileage) competition.

This competition is a powerful impetus to the development of electric bicycle technology. In 2002, the Shanghai Bicycle Association and the Consumer Association developed the "Shanghai Electric bicycle consumption dispute resolution measures."

The precedent of solving the problem of electric bicycle quality has been opened, followed by all over the country. August 25, 2018, the general administration of market Supervision of the Commission issued electric bicycle products from the license to implement the mandatory product certification management arrangements notice. Electric Bicycle industrial product production license management to implement mandatory product certification (hereinafter referred to as CCC Certification) transition period from August 1, 2018 to April 14, 2019, the Transition period production license and CCC certification management coexist, before April 14, 2019, e-Bike products shall be manufactured, sold or used in other business activities with valid production license or CCC certification.

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