What should we pay attention to prevent fire happen
Jan 11, 2019

1.Choose a good electric scooter

Select qualified vehicles produced by regular manufacturers, especially regular chargers and batteries, and do not refit vehicles in violation of regulations.

2.Use correctly

Check and maintain frequently , buy electric vehicle must read product specification and operate ,  choose with charger, motor model, specification  battery match; During the normal use of electric vehicles, various kinds of faults often occur. In the course of maintenance, professional maintenance organizations or personnel should be selected, and electrical protection devices should not be removed without authorization to ensure that the electrical lines and protective devices are in good condition.


It is necessary to strengthen the management of vehicles, implement centralized storage places, store electric vehicles and bicycles separately, and configure fire fighting facilities and equipment in accordance with regulations.Electric vehicles shall not be parked in the first floor foyer and walkway of the building. We should set up a simple automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system, fire prevention door and fire extinguishing equipment where store electric vehicles.


It is best to charge outside or around without combustible material and charge time not too long.


The charger as far as possible do not put on the car when you riding,because sometimes the road surface bumps easily causes the charger internal short circuit, when charges easily causes the spontaneous combustion; When charging, the charger should be placed in a place where it is easier to dissipate heat, in order to prevent the charging time being too long, the charger overheating causes fire; the owner should try to avoid driving on rainy days and waterlogged sections, in order to prevent the motor from entering water, and to short circuit fire when charging.

6.Charge time

Avoid excessive charging time, should be charged in accordance with the specification, charging time should not exceed 10 hours in principle.

7.Maintenance charger

Due to long time use or improper maintenance, the internal circuit and the original parts of the power supply charger are soldered from time to time, which will lead to short circuit during the charging process and lead to fire.

8.Ride in rainy days

Try to avoid running on rainy days and waterlogged sections to prevent motor from entering water and short-circuit fire when charging.


It is necessary to go through all kinds of road environment when you ride, the long term bumping easily makes the battery connection line loose, at the same time the use time is long, the line is aging, the line is easy to produce short circuit, leaving the serious hidden danger for the fire. Then, we need to find a professional electric vehicle service provider to carry out professional line maintenance .

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