What should pay attention to on rainy day
Jan 02, 2019

1.Avoid areas where there  the water is deep 

Avoid areas where the water is deep.To prevent the motor and other parts inlet water.

2.Check part after ride

Wipe the battery and the plug-in with a wiper or paper towel after ride. Don't turn on the power until it's switched on, because once it's switched on, it may cause a short circuit after the electric scooter is wet by Rain , it is best not to force the power on, and check after drying the parts. If there is no problem, the electric vehicle can be used, in particular, to protect the dashboard and the motor. 

3.Storage in rainy day

If an electric vehicle is stored in the open air,cover the rain cape as much as possible on a rainy day.

4.Control speed

Cycling should be slower on rainy days.

5.In advance brake slowly

If the brakes are too fast, the wheels slip easily. The safest way to brake on a rainy day is to brake at the same time, and step up gradually. Brake  handles usually adjust the degree of tension, however we can stop safely.

6.Suitable rain cabe

Have a try on when you buy it .And more carefully when you ride .

7.Open headlight ,and open turn light before you turn

After turning on the lights, the taillights will turn on when the brakes are on, reminding the rear vehicles to pay attention.

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