What should pay attention to maintain electric vehicle in winter?
Dec 13, 2018

When the battery is charged and discharged in winter, the electrochemical reaction occurs on the battery electrode. The higher the temperature, the higher the activity of the active substances of the battery, the lower the electrolyte viscosity and the lower the resistance, so the electrochemical reaction is easy. Vice versa is not easy to carry out. The lower the discharge temperature, the lower the discharge capacity, the lower the discharge capacity will be, and the lower the discharge temperature will be, the lower the charge acceptance capacity will be, and the higher the charging voltage will be. On the higher the charging voltage will be. On the contrary, the higher the temperature, the better the charge acceptance, and the higher the overcharge, the lower the charging voltage is required to avoid overcharging. The change of this temperature directly affects the charge and discharge performance of the battery.

1.Be diligent in charging                                                                         Charging in time. Batteries must be charged before long-term deactivation, and then stored in the prescribed environment. Recharged once a month if you are not available , which is an important measure to protect and extend the life of lead-acid batteries.

2.Be diligent in maintenance                                                                       Scrub the battery  exterior with a wet cloth, wipe the dust, greasy dirt and white powder on the face panel, stigma (Cathode and Anode), etc. Scrub the battery stigma regularly, not only white acid powder will not accumulate on it, and battery life will be longer than expected.

3.Maintenance after riding on snowy days in winter                                                 After the vehicle is used in the snow, the snow water on the vehicle should be cleared in time, the whole vehicle should be kept dry, the switch plug should be prevented from leaking electricity, and the battery should be removed and stored indoors for a long time in the open air. Prevent the water in the battery from freezing and freeze the battery.

4.Power cycling in winter                                                                         At the start of the vehicle, should be slow acceleration, to avoid an emergency acceleration damage to electric vehicle accessories. On the premise of ensuring safety, braking and starting should be reduced in order to save electric energy. Brake should be released when driving speed-regulating handle, so as not to damage the motor and other electric vehicle accessories. In uphill, headwind and other heavy load cases, with foot help. When getting off , the power should be turned off so as not to turn the speed control switch unintentionally, and the car suddenly starts up unexpectedly.   

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