Main types of electric vehicles
Oct 18, 2018

Types of electric vehicles: pure electric Vehicles (BEV), hybrid vehicles (HEV), fuel cell vehicles (FCEV).

Pure electric cars are driven by electric motors. Pure electric vehicles, relative to fuel vehicles, the main difference is the four parts, drive motor, speed controller, power battery, car charger. Compared to a gas station, it is powered by a public super-fast charging station. The quality difference of pure electric vehicle depends on the four parts, and its value depends on the quality of the four parts.

The use of pure electric vehicles is also directly related to the selection and configuration of four components. Pure electric vehicle speed, and start speed depends on the power and performance of the drive motor, the length of its continued mileage depends on the size of the vehicle power battery capacity, the weight of the car power battery depends on the choice of power batteries such as lead acid, zinc carbon, lithium batteries, their volume, specific gravity, power, energy, cycle life are different.

This depends on the manufacturer's positioning and use of the vehicle grade, as well as market definition and market segmentation. Pure electric vehicle Drive motor has DC brush, brushless, permanent magnet, electromagnetic points, and then the AC stepper motor, and their selection is also related to the vehicle configuration, use, grade. In addition, the speed control of the drive motor is divided into the stage speed and stepless speed regulation, there is the use of electronic speed controller and no speed controller. The motor has a hub motor, an internal rotor motor, a single motor drive, a multi-motor drive and a combined motor drive.

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