How to maintain electric vehicle
Nov 07, 2018
  1. Surface maintance:The main parts of electric vehicles are plastic and metal,dont to be exposed to the sun and rain,in the garage or shelter preferably. Because plastic fittings are exposed for a long time, they will accelerate aging and iron metals will rust after rain.

  2. Tire maintance:Avoid rough roads, covers, stones, etc. Tire pattern wear is serious, the use time is longer,to replace the new tire in time if often not gas,, it is the best way to replace the thickened outer tire.

  3. Brake system:The brake of general electric vehicle can be used normally for one year, and try not to use high speed brake so as to waste electricity, at the same time, it will increase the risk of rear-end, and make the brake pad wear worse at the same time. When the brakes do not work to store in time to replace maintenance. In addition, fat-knitting recommended green source electric vehicle ceramic brake, its life is 5 times that of the ordinary brake, avoid frequent maintenance and replacement of trouble.

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