How to maintain battery
Jan 16, 2019

1.Long term use of electric battery will lead to battery water loss

Electric vehicle batteries will lose water for a long time. After 8-10 months of use or charging, it is best to go to the professional maintenance point for deep maintenance.

2.The reasons for the short mileage of electric vehicles are

As the battery ages and the capacity drops, the continued mileage becomes shorter, but the following non-battery problems also result in shorter continued mileage:                           A:When the efficiency of the motor decreases, the useless work is increased and the power is wasted, which makes the continuous mileage shorter.                                               B:the inferior charger recharges the battery under charge every day, which causes the battery capacity to be insufficient and causes the continuous mileage to decrease day by day.             C:The poor controller causes the electric vehicle to start with too much power, and the starting time is too long to waste electricity, which results in the electric vehicle continuing mileage shorter.                  

D:If the friction coefficient of various moving parts of inferior electric vehicles is too large, or the mechanical drive power is too large, it can also lead to a waste of electricity, resulting in shorter mileage.

3.The continued mileage of electric vehicles dropped suddenly by a dozen kilometers in a short period of time

The continuous mileage of electric vehicle drops suddenly by more than ten kilometers in a short period of time. It is very likely that at least one battery in the battery pack appears to break the grid, the plate softens, the active material of the plate falls off, and so on. At this point, should be timely to professional battery repair organization for inspection, repair or matching.

4.After one or more of the batteries of an electric vehicle failed

After one or more of the batteries of an electric vehicle fail, the whole battery should be replaced, and the faulty battery shall not be replaced separately. Otherwise, it will do great damage to the new battery.

5.What safety precautions are there when using batteries

A, batteries shall not be close to open fire or heat source at high temperature. Batteries shall not be put into fire or submerged in water. Direct exposure or charging in the sun is strictly prohibited              

B、Batteries shall not be placed in closed containers and should be kept well ventilated           C、If the battery casing is found to be ruptured and leaking, the battery must be replaced.       D、Electrolyte is acidic solution, if it is on the skin, clothes should be washed with plenty of water immediately, and in case of serious need to be treated in hospital.                         E、Battery shall not be short-circuited, not inverted use.    

6.How to prevent the self-discharge of electric vehicle battery?

Buy high-quality batteries, maintain them regularly, charge them in time, and remove dust and dirt from battery boxes so as to prevent the batteries from discharging themselves.

7.A good horse has a saddle, a good battery should be equipped with a good charger

A good charger is helpful to prolong the service life of the battery and bring into play the excellent performance of the battery.

8.If he charger's broken,how to deal with it?

Repurchase the charger according to the output parameters of the original charger if your charger broken.

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