How to charge correctly
Jan 14, 2019

1.Instrument position

When the electric meter pointer is in the lowest or near the lowest position on the electric vehicle, charging the electric vehicle is the best, which is beneficial to the service life of the battery.If the daily mileage is within the 5-10km, that do not charge everyday,so, do not short mileage,  charge frequently. Otherwise, the battery life will end in advance.

2.Battery power loss storage

Battery storage seriously affects service life, if the idle time is longer, battery damage is more serious.

3.Deep discharge

Carry out a deep discharge about two months.

4. time

Charging time is controlled in 4-12 hours, no long time charge.

5.Batteries need to be placed for a long time

Batteries need to be fully charged for long periods of time, usually once a month.

6.Battery capacity decline in winter

In winter, the cell capacity decreases with the temperature, which is a normal phenomenon, with 20 ℃ as the standard, and the normal capacity of minus 10 ℃ is 80%.

7.High current discharge hazard

High current discharge has a certain damage to the battery, so in the start, uphill, load, headwind with foot to help.

8.The charger should be used by the manufacturer when charging.

When charging, the charger should be used to avoid bad battery, cool and ventilated place, avoid high temperature and humidity, do not let water into the charger, prevent electric shock accident.

9.Charging connect sequence

Connect the battery before charging, then plug in. After charging, first unplug, then unplug the battery.

10.Loosening harm of charging output plug

The loosening of the charger output plug and the oxidation of the contact surface will cause the charging plug to heat, cause the charging plug to short circuit, directly damage the charger, and bring unnecessary losses.

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