Characteristics of electric Vehicle equipment
Oct 18, 2018

It is very beneficial to environmental protection and clean air, and it is almost "0 pollution" that the exhaust gas produced by electric vehicle without internal combustion engine is not produced exhaust pollution. It is well known that the pollutants such as CO, HC and NOx, particulate and odor in the exhaust gas of internal combustion engine form acid fog and photochemical smog. Electric vehicles do not have the internal combustion engine noise, the motor noise is also smaller than the internal combustion engine.

Noise is also harmful to human hearing, nerve, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine and immune system.

High energy efficiency and diversification Research on electric vehicles shows that its energy efficiency has surpassed that of gasoline engines. Especially in the city operation, car walk stop, travel speed is not high, electric vehicles more suitable. When the electric vehicle stops without consumption, during braking, the motor can be automatically converted into a generator to realize the re-use of energy during braking deceleration.

Some studies have shown that the same crude oil, sent to the power plant to generate electricity, is charged to the battery, and then the battery-driven car, its energy efficiency than refined into gasoline, and then driven by petrol engines high, so it is conducive to energy conservation and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. On the other hand, the application of electric vehicles can effectively reduce the dependence on oil resources, can use the limited oil for more important aspects. Electricity from the battery can be converted from coal, natural gas, hydro, nuclear, solar, wind, tidal and other energy sources. In addition, if the battery is charged at night, it can avoid the peak of electricity, it is advantageous to the grid balance load, reduce costs.

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